Aged 56, his last feat


Una vignetta ispirata da Nuvolari e dalla sua sfortunata Mille Miglia 1948 con la Ferrari.
In 1948 he drove in 5 races, finishing fourth in one, 7th in another and not classified in the rest. However one of these  retirements – the XV Mille Miglia – was what many considered to have been his last great drive. The Cisitalia which was especially prepared for him broke during testing and could not be repaired in time. It seemed impossible that Nuvolari could do the race, but the day before the start Enzo Ferrari offered him a 166S. Tazio accepted and on the 2 of May, with no
practicing at all (his last drive dated back from September 14th of the previous year!) was at the start. He took off as if he was 20 years old, rather than 56. In Pescara he was leading, at Rome he was 12 minutes ahead, in Livorno 20 minutes, at
Florence half an hour. His drive was irresistible, but the car was breaking up. First it lost a mud guard, then the
bonnet, the the bolts holding the seats in. Finally, in Reggio Emilia a broken leaf spring pivot blew away the hopes
of an happy ending to the last of Nuvolari’s epic drives.
In 1949 he only raced once, almost symbolically, at Marseilles where he completed just one lap before handing the Maserati A6GCS to Piero Carini.