22. The war and the last race of Auto Union


Nine years after Giorgio’s death, Nuvolari lost also his second son Alberto, at the age of 18

The racing calendar shortened down as threats of war increased. The II World War had already broken out when the Grand Prix of Belgrade was run on the 3rd of September. It was the last success and the last race of Auto Union.
Nuvolari won, ending an extraordinary era which found him as a legendary protagonist. In 1946 Nuvolari suffered another
personal tragedy: on the 11th of April his second son died, aged only 18.
Somehow he found the strength to start racing again. On the 12th of May he raced at the Grand Prix of Marseilles.
He showed that he was anything but past history, doing the fastest lap before his engine let him down. He would race anywhere, anyhow he could to survive his great pain.