18. The record along Firenze-Mare

18 crono

15 June 1935. Nuvolari, in the Alfa Romeo Bimotore, set up two new international record

Before the season ending, he won three more times: the Coppa Ciano, the Grand Prix of Nice and the one at Modena. On June 15th, he set two new international records over the kilometer and the flying mile (timing 321,426 and 323,125 KpH – and touching 336,252 KpH). The car was an Alfa Romeo bimotore, mounting two supercharged propellers (the 8C of the
P3, one in the front and the other on the rear). They were 3165 cm3 each, for a total power of 6330 cm3 and a maximum strength of 540HP (270 x 2).
In the Italian Gran Prix, Nuvolari started with the new Alfa 8C-35 monoposto (single-seater) with whom he won, later, the Modena Circuit.