11. 1930, the turning point


Mille Miglia 1930. Nuvolari is the first to exceed an average speed of 100 km/h.

The turning point dates back from 1930. After the failure in Monza, the Alfa Romeo had not taken Tazio into consideration anymore, but Vittorio Jano had not forgotten about him. He
wanted Nuvolari in the Alfa Romeo team and wrote a memorable letter to him.Tazio signed the contract and was soon summoned for testing. The official debut could not have been
more exciting: Nuvolari at the wheel of the Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 won the 4th Mille Miglia in a record time. He was the first driver to complete the long and extremely difficult route at an
average speed of over 100 KpH. This fact made him immensely popular. The race is remembered for a curious event which is still under discussion: after a strong long distance duel with Varzi, Nuvolari managed to overtake him driving with lights turned off for the last kilometers. His coƩquipier G. B. Guidotti, indifferent of all the objections (first of all, that the overtaking took place in the daylight), told in many interviews it was himself to switch the lights off.