10. The breaking off with Achille Varzi


The 1930 trophy of Lario Circuit, where Tazio riding a 350 cc Bianchi beat all the 500s. 

1929 was one of the most difficult years in Nuvolari’s life and career. He managed himself his competitive activities, and this was very expensive. The agreement he had with Varzi failed soon afterwards, as two cocks couldn’t stay in the same poultry pen. He tried to do his own best, alternating car/motorcycle racing and sporting activities with being a car dealer for Bianchi, Scat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia. He often raced with different cars (Bugatti 35C, OM 665 Speciale, Alfa Romeo 6C 1750SS, Talbot 1500...) but he had such few success.
For Tazio, the 1929 was to be considered a year to forget.