09. The Scuderia Nuvolari


11 marzo 1928. Prima vittoria internazionale per Nuvolari, su Bugatti, nel GP di Tripoli

Between 1927 and 1928 Tazio made his choice: in order to intensify his own activity as a car driver, he started his own racing team in Mantua. He bought four Bugatti Grand Prix, and  then resold two of them to Achille Varzi (Tazio’s tough rival; but also one of his best friends) and to Cesare Pastore. The Scuderia Nuvolari’s debut, on March 11th, was a triumph: nine days after his second son’s birth, Alberto, Tazio won the Gran Prix of Tripoli, scoring his first big international victory. He won also the «Circuito del Pozzo» in Verona, beating the great Pietro Bordino who was to die in an accident shortly afterwwards, during a practice to race the Circuito di Alessandria. So Nuvolari took part in the Circuito di Alessandria – dedicated
to the memory of Bordino – honouring the died champion with a great win.