07. 1925: motorcycles above all


Monza, 1 settembre 1925. Nuvolari accanto all'ingegnere Nicola Romeo, in attesa di provare la “grand prix” Alfa Romeo P2

In 1925 Nuvolari did not race car at all.
These were the years of his consecration as an ace of the two wheelers. However, summoned for a test drive on Sept. 1st, 1925, at Monza, he was given the triumphant P2 – the dominat Gran prix car of those days – to drive. He drove
faster and faster for 5 laps – faster than Campari and Marinoni, and close to Antonio Ascari’s best lap of the year
before. But at the sixth lap, his test drive ended with a spectacular unplanned exit from the track (Nuvolari could have taken the place of Ascari, who was killed at Monthléry a month before; but Vittorio Jano, the Alfa Romeo director racing, would not consider him again until 1929). The car was heavily damaged, the driver injured but 12 days later Tazio, still aching, went to Monza where, with a special bandage, he rode his Bianchi 350 and won the Gran Premio delle Nazioni.